Epilogue 2017

I'm currently working on this.
I hope to have it done soon.

There are nearly sixteen years of thoughts and pictures to organize.
I think it'll be worth it when it's all done.

In the meantime, I leave you with a picture I took of the new
Freedom Tower thing. I assure you, it's not photoshopped.
It really does reflect sunlight like that if one is at just the right
angle at the right time. This was taken from Jersey City during
my lunch break, around 2:30-3pm or so. In winter, the sun sets
early, and was behind me and to the right from that vantage point.

It's a cool looking picture, but it can be *seriously* blinding in real life.

Thanks for visiting.

-EJ, June 2017

Update September 2017

I've decided that this "epilogue" will be presented in a series of short
essays, recollections, experiences, opinions about what has transpired
since I wrote the original missive, and how I feel about this experience,
along with a couple of collections of photos I've taken over the years.
There will probably be a dozen or more pages once this is done, though
it's possible that it will never truly be "done" until the day I die.

Below are links to each page; currently, there is only one, "Dare To Judge",
but I anticipate adding at least a half dozen or so that I'm currently working
through before the end of 2017. Thanks for taking the time here. God bless.

Short Essays:
Dare To Judge

Freedom Tower Thing from Jersey City
Photo © 2013 Edward Jerlin